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If you’re struggling to save the funds for a deposit, we have the answer for you; guarantor loans. If a person in your life is eligible to act as a guarantor, you may be able to borrow up to 105% of your property’s purchase price.

Guarantor loans are a wise investment decision for first-time buyers, offering a sizable influx of funds to help you achieve your property aspirations. Our advisors are ready to walk you through the process and help you secure the guarantor loan that’s right for you.

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At Asti Advisory, we’re here to break down the steps involved in securing a guarantor loan, ensuring you can select a favourable loan product with ease. We work with our extensive network of lenders to source a personalised solution, helping you step into the world of homeownership.

Free Confidential ConsultationWe can discuss with you a solution that best fits your unique circumstances.
30+ Leading LendersSecure a guarantor loan at the lowest rate with access to a number of lenders.

Risk Assessment

Asti Advisory’s comprehensive risk assessment process is a crucial part of our service. By analysing the financial profiles of both the borrower and the guarantor, we aim to predict potential challenges and vulnerabilities that may arise during the loan period.

Our in-depth evaluation ensures the guarantor is fully aware of potential liabilities, from fluctuating interest rates to market shifts, and that the borrower comprehends the ramifications of missing payments or defaulting.

By identifying these risks early, we equip both parties with the necessary knowledge to make informed choices, fostering a safer and more transparent lending environment.

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Comparative Analysis

Navigating the world of guarantor loans can be overwhelming given the number of options available. At Asti Advisory, we undertake a thorough comparative analysis of various guarantor loan products.

By closely examining the terms, interest rates, fees, and unique features of each product, we aim to equip our clients with a detailed understanding of their options. This in-depth analysis ensures that our recommendations are not only tailored to individual financial circumstances and goals but also rooted in a thorough understanding of the market.

Our ultimate objective is to find a loan solution that aligns perfectly with the borrower’s needs while protecting the guarantor’s interests.

Our Personalised Finance Process

Unlocking your financial potential begins with our personalised finance process. Discover how our step-by-step approach guides you through tailored strategies and informed decisions, ensuring that every aspect of your financial journey is carefully considered and strategically executed.

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